Skating Dresses

Style #76-05

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WOW! What needs to be said? This gorgeous dress is made of Stretch Lace over Lycra, with an Ombre' Color Accent along the top of the dress, and on the Bottom of the Skirt.TO ORDER... 1. COLOR: Select a Color, You Can View Your Color Choices by clicki..

Style #74-30

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Too Amazing for Words!!! Made of Mesh over Lycra, This Long-Sleeved Dress With A "V" Cut at the Center, Will Leave Everyone Begging for More!!!  This Dress Does NOT Have a 200 Crystal Option, because it Requires More Crystals to Look Right. &nbs..

Style #77-20

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This Stunning dress is made of Stretch Mesh over Lycra with Micro-Sequin Accents. It Features an Asymmetrical shape with One Colored Mesh Sleeve and One Nude Mesh Sleeve, with Sequin Detail.TO ORDER... 1. COLOR: Select a Color, You Can View Your Colo..

Style #74-20

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This Stunning Dress will Get You Noticed - In the Best Way Possible!  Made of Stretch Mesh Over Lycra.TO ORDER... 1. COLOR: Select a Color, You Can View Your Color Choices by clicking on the Color Blocks.2. SIZE: Select the Appropriate Size. Cus..

Style #72-62

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This Elegant Lace Dress is sure to get YOU Noticed!!! Made of Stretch Lace Over Your choice of Nude or Colored Lining, the Elegant Cutouts and Gorgeous Lace will Leave an Impression on Your Audience and Judges!  Look Like the WINNER that You Are..

Style #75-75

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A stunning sensation!!! Made of Mesh over Lycra, with a scalloped-edge treatment along the top of the dress. TO ORDER... 1. COLOR: Select a Color, You Can View Your Color Choices by clicking on the Little Color Blocks, on the Lower Left.2. SIZE:..

Style #73-33

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This Gorgeous Dress Will Make The Most of Your Program!  It's Sure to Please Judges and Audiences Alike!  Made of Mesh over Lycra, with Geometrical Lines and a Contrast Color!  The Panty is the Same Color As the Underskirt/Contrast Col..

Style #72-52

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Awesome!!! This Beautiful Geometrically Shaped Dress is the Perfect Style for Your Newest Program!  It's Help You to Shine on Performance Day.  Made of Mesh over Lycra, with Geometrical Lines and Straps to Delight!TO ORDER... 1. COLOR: Sele..

Style #73-80

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This STUNNING Dress Will Leave Your Audience Begging for MORE!  Made of Gathered Mesh Over Lycra, with a Triangular Mesh Design Over the Front.  The Triangular Mesh Area is Lined in Nude-Colored Fabric, to Accent the Design... Amazing!!!TO ..

Style #72-70

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Simply Stunning!  Made of Mesh Over Lycra in Two Colors of Your Choosing!  This stunning dress is sure to delight even the harshest of Critics! TO ORDER... 1. COLOR: Select a Color, You Can View Your Color Choices by clicking on the Co..

Style #75-60

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So stunning, the audience won't be able to take their eyes off you!!! Made of Mesh over Lycra, with a contrast-color accent. The Base Color is the Color on the Left Side and Sleeve. The Accent Color is also used to Line the Base Color, for a Two-Tone..

Custom Dresses

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Allow us to make YOUR PERFECT Custom dress!  Simply submit your design idea to   If you place an order online here, your card will NOT be charged until we have confirmed the design and price with you.  Most de..

Style #72-46

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Breathtaking!!! This Dress is Wearable Art!  Made of Mesh over Lycra, with a Bust Area Ready for Colored Crystals.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIGH CRYSTAL OPTIONS, AS THIS DESIGN REALLY UTILIZES COLORED CRYSTALS, TO ACHIEVE ITS DESIGN!!!  TH..

Style #77-25

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This Incredible Dress Will Set You Apart From the Field! Made of Mesh over Lycra, with a Silver-Colored Metallic Lining Under the Shirred Bust Area.  This Dress Can Also be Made Without the Silver Lining, and Instead Use the Matching Colored Lyc..

Style #72-50

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This Tuxedo Dress is Perfect for Your Newest Program!  It'll turn heads, for sure! Made of Mesh over Lycra, with a Real Lapel, and Long Elegant Gloved Look!  Other Contrast Colors (Besides the Black or White Shown, Are Available (Any Color ..

Our figure skating competition dresses will help you to SHINE!  Choose from gorgeous colors and crystal decorations, or even change the skirt or sleeves.  Pick a longer skirt for Dance and Synchro Skating, or let us create a One-of-a-Kind Custom Dress according to YOUR design ideas! These  new skating dresses are exquisitely beautiful, high-quality, and hand-made in the USA!  Learn more about Sharene on our about us page.  

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Please allow time for the creation of your unique dress. Choose the delivery timeline that you need to ensure that you have it on time. Because we offer over 59,000 possible combinations of style, size, color and decoration, our dresses are made only AFTER you order them, to YOUR exact specifications.  Therefore, our policy allows you to exchange your dress for a different size, or for a store credit, provided that you return your dress unworn, within 30 days of receipt, and with all original tags intact.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal for payment.

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