Shipping & Returns

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal for payment.

We always recommend that our customers order their dresses well in advance of their important events, in order to allow time for returns and exchanges to be accomplished. Since we do not control how much in advance of an important event a customer will place an order, our policy does not change if the customer has failed to allow proper time for returns and exchanges in advance of their events.

No problem, we'll replace it for a larger or smaller size, or tailor it for you, if it is close - All at no charge. Please email photos of skater in dress to:

Then, return dress to:

The address on the label inside of your box.

No problem, we can remake or exchange your dress in another color or decoration pattern for you. We can also give store credit for your full purchase price (less ship/rush fee), towards something completely different. Thus is a no-fault policy, if something wasn't done to your liking, No Problem - we'll fix it. Our "No Problem" policy means that it doesn't matter if you failed to communicate your idea, or we failed to understand it. No problem means that we'll fix it by replacing the item.

No refunds are given for made-to-order dresses, even if a miscommunication occurred, only store credit or exchange. Please contact us at the email above to let us know HOW to improve your dress, then ship the dress back, and we'll do the rest.

If you order a dress, and it goes on sale shortly after you order, it is our policy to offer you the discounted amount, as a store credit,  on orders placed within ten (10) calendar days, off the sale beginning.  

NO Refunds on Shipping (S&H) or Rush Fees, unless the shipper didn't deliver, or we didn't ship as promised. Dresses that have in any way been stained, torn, snagged, burned, spotted, damaged, re-tagged after use or washed may not be returned for any reason. We make no warranty that our dresses will not stain, burn or tear because they WILL stain, burn and tear if you expose them to things that will damage them!

MADE-TO-ORDER DRESSES (Which is EVERYTHING We Sell, Unless it is Specifically Sold as "In-Stock" or "Custom")...

Because we offer over 180,000 possible combinations of style, size, color and decoration, our dresses are made only After you order them, to Your exact specifications for Size, Color, Crystal Quantity, Skirt Choice, Sleeve Choice and Crystal Color Choice.

Therefore, our return policy allows you to Exchange your dress for a different size, Or for a Store Credit for the purchase price , provided that you return your dress:

* Unworn

* With All Original Hang Tags Intact

* In the same condition as you received it

* Within 30 days of receipt.

Please see  Shipping & Returns page for additional information.

IN STOCK DRESSES (At the Bottom of the Last Page)...

Our return policy allows you to Have Your Choice of a RefundExchange your dress for a different size, Or choose a Store Credit for the purchase price , provided that you return your dress:

* Unworn

* With All Original Hang Tags Intact

* In the same condition as you received it

* Within 30 days of receipt.

Please see  Shipping & Returns page for additional information.


* All Custom Dresses are a FINAL SALE. 

* IF Tags are Attached, Within 30 Days of Receipt, We Will Alter or Tailor the Dress, in Order to Guarantee a Good Fit, if Needed. 

* We Do NOT Offer Store Credit, Exchanges or Refunds - AT ALL - On Custom Designs, Which You Supply to Us. 


Sale Discounts...

If you should buy a dress, and it goes on sale within ten (10) calendar days of your purchase, we will issue a store credit to you in the amount of the difference between what you paid for the dress, and what you would have paid after the discount.  

Rush Exchanges...

When a dress needs to be exchanged under the terms outlined above, we require receipt of the original dress prior to shipping out the replacement dress. If you do not have time to return your original dress before receiving your replacement, you will be charged the full retail value of the replacement (second) dress on your credit card as a deposit. When the original (first) dress is received back in good condition with tags attached, you will receive a refund (as opposed to a store credit) on your first dress, up to the dollar value of the re-ordered (second) dress. Any excess on the first dress will be received back as store credit. You agree to this policy as a condition of sale, if you choose to re-order prior to returning the first dress.

International Customers - Taxes & Duties...
The customer is exclusively responsible for payment of all customs, duties and import taxes due on merchandise. In the event that the customer fails to pay their obligation, and that cost reverts to the Sender. Sender will pay the bill on the customer's behalf, and charge the customer's credit card for all monies paid. The customer agrees in advance to this as a condition of sale.

International orders may only be paid with credit card, and credit card information must be verified prior to shipping of goods out of the USA.

Washing Recommendations...
To wash our garments, please use only a gentle hand or liquid laundry soap, dissolved in warm water in your sink. Dissolve any gentle liquid soap (not Woolite) in your sink and place your dress in the *bath* after soap is dissolved. Swoosh it until clean. Fluff dry on cool, or lay flat to dry.

All styles are copyright protected. Unauthorized reproduction of our styles, without prior written permission is a violation of Federal law, and subject to civil and criminal penalties.

Sharene Cash Cards...

Sharene Cash Cards may NOT be refunded if unused.  Also, IF Cash Cards are ordered at a discounted price with a sale code, they cannot later be applied to a dress with a second a sale code applied to it.  This would double-up the sale discounts, and only ONE discount may be applied. per order. 

Rush Fees...

In the unlikely and unfortunate event that we fail to deliver your dress to you by its promised delivery date, you may elect one of two remedies for the return of value of the rush fee paid.  The amount of the rush fee is the amount that you paid for a faster speed of shipping, less the price of the standard shipping.  For example, if you ordered Litespeed shipping and paid $90, and standard was $20, you would then be eligible for a $70 rush fee reimbursement. 

With this rush fee reimbursement, you may elect to either:

(a) have us double the price of the reimbursement as a store credit, which you may then apply to this order or another order.  If you choose to have it applied to this order, under the prior example, you could choose to have an additional $140 in crystals added to your dress, at no extra cost to you.  

(b) receive a refund of the value of the rush fee only.  In the example above, we would refund $70 to your original payment method ONLY.   THE DRESS RETURN POLICY WOULD NOT OTHERWISE CHANGE.  If you prefer to receive a refund, please call us during business hours at 719-471-2185 to request this.  Otherwise, it will be assumed that you would prefer to receive the store credit to your account.  

Thank you again for choosing Sharene Designs!


We reserve the right to refuse service, and to refuse any order for any reason.We reserve the right to substitute fabrics when the original fabric is discontinued, back ordered or if it becomes unavailable. The substituted fabric will be of similar quality and design to the original fabric. We reserve the right to change pricing and terms of sale, without prior written notice.